Nourishing minds while pioneering the Net Zero Future

We believe in our responsibility – to the planet, our people, and the communities we serve. As a global company serving millions of customers annually, our integrated food services not only create experiences that set new standards for health, well-being, productivity, and sustainability but also to a happier and more creative workforce.


Across industries and continents

Who can't remember a delicious meal or a great cup of coffee? Food directly affects how people feel about places – and organisations have to maximise that by offering the best food experience to their employees, customers and visitors. 


Stand out as an employer

Today’s knowledge workers have high expectations when it comes to food in the workplace. Tasty, healthy food prepared with care and expertly served can excite your people and inspire greater loyalty to your business, while also making your workplace attractive to new talent.


Maintaining high productivity

When we eat well, we perform well. Our delicious, nutritious food has a big part to play in keeping production workers focused while on the job – helping to increase uptime, reduce the risk of employee error and cut the number of sick days.


Helping patients heal

We understand the critical importance of balancing nutrition, increasing hydration and meeting allergy and dietary needs as healthcare professionals nurse patients back to optimal health. Our menus are specifically designed to address the needs of patients, healthcare professionals and visitors.

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Sustainable food solutions 

As a global company serving millions of customers annually, we acknowledge our responsibility – to the planet, our people, and the communities we serve. To this end, we have dedicated ourselves to contributing to a Net Zero Future. By committing to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions within scope 1 and 2 by 2030 and attaining full-scope net zero emissions by 2040, including our entire supply chain, we are actively fulfilling our vital role in fostering a more sustainable planet.   


Towards a smarter, more sustainable future 

Together with our leading customers, we strive to minimise our environmental footprint and drastically reduce food waste – this year and for many years to come.  With technology and care for the planet, our goals are to actively reduce food waste at thousands of locations. 



reduction of Green House Gas emissions from the food we serve by 2030



reduction of food waste by 2027

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